Mar 08 2021

Renee Goust Mexican-American Neo-Folk Artist Releases “DIOSA” in collaboration with Audry Funk and Rebeca Lane

"Diosa" is part of her debut full-length album, "Resister," a bilingual neo-folk record written by, for and about women and people of gender non-conforming identities.  Creator of indie anthems like "La Cumbia Feminazi” and"Querida Muerte (No Nos Maten)”, which often appear in marches throughout Latin America and social media networks like TikTok,Renee Goust (she/they) is a proudly Latinx, feminist, and queer bilingual singer-songwriter who writes about gender equality, the LGBT+ experience, immigration, and other social justice issues. LISTEN TO "DIOSA" HERE. (Video and audio download available...

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