ÄSTRA surprises audiences with a collaboration with Spanish rock icon Bunbury

“DE LA PIEL PARA ADENTRO” is the duo’s first single in Spanish and first musical advance from their most recent EP, “FIRE”

Los Angeles-based alt-rock duo, ÄSTRA just released their single“De la Piel para Adentro”, a collaboration with the emblematic Spanish icon Bunbury

The track is their first Spanish release, included on their sophomore and powerful EP “Fire”.

“Collaborating with ÄSTRA is a gift of great value. Musically, getting on the steamroller and being able to sing and write “From the Skin to Inside” is to join a band in effervescence, roaring at the right moment to start the engine of a powerful machine. The song connects us with a city that is losing its essence and a world that seems to slip through our fingers. Rock n’Roll is a celebration of our most basic, furious, and inquisitive instincts. There are still bands ready for action, against the current. From USA & Colombia to the world”.– says the Spanish icon.

Written and produced by Guillermo Morales Vitola and Carlos Calvo in conjunction with Bunbury, the track is a reflection of current times.

“Working with Bunbury is an honor and a dream come true. We couldn’t believe it when he agreed to sing the song. He is a legend and a hero” – Guillermo Morales Vitola.

The music video was directed and produced by renowned Spanish director Sergio Abuja. Shot in Los Angeles, the music video shows us a world focused on a consumer society designing a model of human beings that have to be alike.

Check out the official video for DE LA PIEL PARA ADENTRO here:


Included on the EP, there are two other original songs, with guest vocalist Zack Adams: “Fire”, a classic toe-tapping title track with a chorus that goes “We always think we have Desire / Do you really have that fire?” and the contagious “Energizer Hunny”, inviting audiences to let loose and have fun.
Fire is the second of four elements.ÄSTRA will be releasing two more EPs this year. which will result in a full-length album by the end of the year.

Fire Track-listing:
01. De La Piel Para Adentro

02. Fire

03. Energizer Hunny

About ÄSTRA:

In ÄSTRA, Carlos Calvo and Guillermo Morales Vitola join forces and come together after a long journey performing songs on stages and in different recording studios around the world. An endless number of past collaborations and solo projects such as Sexy Lucy, Estados Alterados, Yuri Gagarin, and Two Way Analog in Latin America, have resulted in a powerhouse burst of energy, accompanied by a fresh, structured, and mature sound, just like a supernatural weapon. Starting this 2021 they are set to present four EPs, beginning with Water, each one with its own concept and identity, focused on the four elements of nature: Water, Fire, Air, and Earth. This connection to the band represents “how essential it was to take a break in our daily lives and generate awareness by paying homage to mother earth”, says Morales Vitola, and through it, they intend to present to the audience what they have done during the band’s long musical journey. Their ideas are complemented with graphic elements in which the cosmos and neon lights are the protagonists. Their visual elements are explained from an ideology of sacred geometry. That way, Morales Vitola, and Calvo, are consolidating an American-wide project, combining their life stories with powerful chords brought from the alternative rock: the core of their essence.