Three roads that come together, three sounds that amplify, giving birth to Ästra…

Like a latent force waiting to take over, Guillermo Morales Vitola and Carlos Calvo’s musical journeys have been bound to come together. Both drummer and guitarist share not only their first band, but also a similar background in the music scene. Morales Vitola, drummer, became a sought-after and well-known musician in Colombia, both as an active member and session player, touring different continents and recording in several studios around the globe.

Calvo, guitarist, got the best of the big studio productions from the 80s, the DIY movement of indie music in the 90s, and later got into industrial influenced music where he immersed himself into samples and sequencers. By the time he got into sound engineering and trip-hop, everything mixed together, making him the guitar player he is today, using technology to his advantage. Same as his long-time friend, he became a household name in the Colombian music scene, actively playing, touring, and recording in several bands, such as Estados Alterados and his own project, Sexy Lucy, to name a few. It wasn’t until the pandemic hit the world, that they decided to combine their power again and let their creativity flow.

But just as every social protest needs a leading voice, the roar of their engines needed a steering wheel, and that’s when they decided to join forces with Zach Adams. Vocalist, bassist, songwriter, and eminent performer, Adams has toured the world, performed at the biggest festivals, and shares the same spirit as Calvo and Vitola. He was part of Red Oblivion andEllen and the Degenerates to name a few. He splits his time between Arizona and California where he continues to develop his craft, becoming the third and last element of the band. Ästra will unveil itself to the world in the first half of 2021, promising to strike hard with a type of sonic force never heard before.

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