FRANCISCA VALENZUELA’S unforgettable performance at the 2020 Viña del Mar Festival

Bold, sublime, feminist and powerful were the words used to describe

unforgettable performance at the 2020 Viña del Mar Festival.

The songwriter sang with the audience at the Quinta Vergara until dawn

– earning both Silver and Gold Gaviotas.

Watch the entire performance HERE

With an unstoppable set and spectacular staging, the Chilean singer-songwriter delivered an impeccable performance –
in a 40 minute set, where she gave an emotional tribute to Chile, accompanied by Claudio Parra of the band, Los Jaivas.

Moments before, “La Fran” as her followers know her, joined Mon Laferte in a historic moment where thousands of female voices joined and danced a cueca.

With a powerful entrance, her performance opened with the anthemic “Los Poderosos” and continued with a slew of her best-known hits, as well as her most recent releases:
“Tómame”, “Ya no se trata de ti”, “Héroe” ” and “Flotando”, included in “La Fortaleza”, her new album.

During her presentation, Francisca Valenzuela gave visibility to several social movements. Her jacket reminded us about the eye victims of the “social outbreak”

FRANCISCA VALENZUELA is the founder and director of the international, inclusive and interdisciplinary festival and feminist platform “Ruidosa”, which seeks social and cultural transformation through the empowerment of women in the creative industries.

FRANCISCA VALENZUELA is without a doubt, one of the most recognized Chilean artists of the last decade, where she explores new sound areas –– ranging from pop to urban–– becoming a dazzling warrior who defends femininity and feminism through an alliance with other female heroes.