Multi-disciplinary and feminist platform Ruidosa – debuts new podcast Ruidosa Radio

Multi-disciplinary and feminist platform Ruidosa

– debuts new podcast Ruidosa Radio

Francisca Valenzuela , Ruidosa’s founder and director, sits down for a series of in depth conversations about creative processes, self esteem, success, failure, feminism and all things music with some of Latin America’s most exciting, powerful, female and female identified voices.

Following a year of many achievements and in the tradition of Ruidosa related activities, such as music festivals, conversation panels, workshops, content and research in the Latinx community, around the world- now comes a new way to connect and celebrate diverse voices in music: Ruidosa Radio.

In the era of physical distancing, Ruidosa has opened a new space for conversation where Francisca Valenzuela breaks down the creative process and the experience of being an artist and a musician with fellow Latinx trailblazers, covering everything from inspiration to feminism, success to failure, self esteem and learning about how each artist can carve out their own path her own way.

Premiering two back to back episodes as an introduction to the series, the first episode finds Valenzuela in an introductory conversation with the Ruidosa team. Camila Gonzalez and Giovanna Roa, briefly breakdown the process behind the platform and all of its properties.
The second episode, recreates their first ever panel, held at Ruidosa Fest in 2016. Fran sits down with Denise Rosenthal, Javiera Mena and Camila Moreno, three renown chilean artists

Don’t miss this opportunity to listen and learn from some of the most creative minds in Latin American music today, revealing intimate thoughts and precesses, in candid conversations, for anyone interested in pursuing a creative endeavor in the music business, every Tuesday via on your favorite streaming platform.