Renee Goust makes a big bet with the release of “La Apuesta”


Renee Goust will be performing at LGBT+ Pride events in June, including the NYC PRIDE Rally.

Prestigious queer artist and activist Renee Goust continues to surprise audiences with her musical excellence, introducing multiple releases this week. Among them is her latest single “La Apuesta“, an LGBT+ ranchera song that is part of her new album “Resister“, which is now available on all streaming platforms.

Renee Goust recently participated as a music composer for Disney’s debut series, LAUNCHPAD, where six talented filmmakers share their perspectives and creative visions with audiences around the world. “The Last of the Chupacabras”, written and directed by Jessica Mendez-Siqueiros, is among the short films featured in this selection, where Renee Goust collaborated with the original composition, production, and performance of the theme song entitled “El Son del Chupa y la Chepa”. The short film was released on DISNEY+ as of May 28th. 

“La Apuesta” is a coming-out song, a strong statement, a reminder to stand up for yourself in pride, a call to live your life to the fullest, regardless of society’s prejudices.. The song was composed, arranged, and performed by Renee Goust, accompanied only by Jhoely Garay on acoustic guitar, and Julie Acosta of Flor de Toloache on trumpet. The song was produced by Renee herself, engineered and mixed by Jeanne Montalvo, and mastered by Margaret Luthar, an engineer nominated for 5 Grammys in 2020, of which she won 2. 

“Open LGBT+ people deserve a place within regional music and we are no longer asking for it, we are simply taking it. With Chavela Vargas’ high spirits in mind, I decided to break into the ranchera song genre and narrate what for me has been almost a lifelong journey ‘out of the closet’. La apuesta is my way of doing justice for those former minorities who didn’t feel free to live as they wanted to be. It is dedicated to anyone who is struggling to cope with the rejection of their own identity. I want to ask them to resist and promise them that they will be okay,” said Renee Goust.

RESISTER, Renee Goust’s debut full-length album, is available on all streaming platforms.

Renee Goust was awarded the New York City Mayor’s Office and New York Foundation for the Arts’ Women’s Fund Grant in 2020. With their backing, she was able to successfully produce “Resister,” a bilingual neo-folk record written by, for, and about women and people of gender non-conforming identities.

Shortly before starting to conceptualize “Resister,” she felt the call to break into music genres that have been traditionally male-dominated, appropriating their sounds to promote feminist and LGBT+ narratives. Singing some Mexican music classics, Renee thought: “I wish they didn’t have such violent messages.” That is how she began composing the lyrics she wanted to hear within those genres, representing herself worthily in them. 

“This album was made possible due to the talent of twenty cis women, two trans women, and two non-binary people. “RESISTER,” as the compound word in the title indicates, is an album that seeks to “re-sister” our communities through resistance. I invited very dear and talented artists to collaborate with me on the project and I am very proud of ourselves,” – said Renee.