Renee Goust Mexican-American Neo-Folk Artist Releases “DIOSA” in collaboration with Audry Funk and Rebeca Lane

“Diosa” is part of her debut full-length album, “Resister,” a bilingual neo-folk record written by, for and about women and people of gender non-conforming identities. 

Creator of indie anthems like “La Cumbia Feminazi” and”Querida Muerte (No Nos Maten)”, which often appear in marches throughout Latin America and social media networks like TikTok,Renee Goust (she/they) is a proudly Latinx, feminist, and queer bilingual singer-songwriter who writes about gender equality, the LGBT+ experience, immigration, and other social justice issues.


(Video and audio download available upon request.)

Renee Goust is a Mexican-American neo-folklore artist who grew up in the U.S.-Mexico border. She is a proudly Latinx, feminist and queer singer-songwriter, who embraces musical influences from the Americas to write songs in Spanish and English about gender equality, the LGBT+ experience, migration, and other social justice issues.  

Her songs “La Cumbia Feminazi” and “Querida Muerte (No Nos Maten)” have become feminist anthems, often heard in feminist marches and across social media platforms, most notably on TikTok and Instagram accounts in Latin America and Spain. Renee received the Women’s Fund grant from the New York Foundation for the Arts in March 2020.  “Diosa” is part of her debut full-length album, “Resister,” a bilingual neo-folk record written by, for and about women and people of gender non-conforming identities. 

“The song ‘Diosa’ is an anthem of rebellion against the Eurocentric beauty myth that has been imposed on us, which is not only colonial, but also sexist and fatphobic. It pressures us to change our appearance to fit into an oppressive standard of beauty. I believe that our natural divinity is undeniable and that self-love and self-care are resistance. ‘Diosa’ fuses bolero and disco. It’s the love song I’ve always wanted to dedicate to myself- a joy-filled self-praising meditation. On this recording Audry Funk, Rebeca Lane, and I share the microphone. They are feminist rappers whom I admire deeply for being fierce fighters and talented Goddesses. I invited them to collaborate by writing and rapping some verses on this song, and I couldn’t be more proud of the result. The energy we achieved together is magical.”

“Diosa is a mantra, a creed, a song that you play in the mornings to energize yourself and face whatever comes your way that day. It helps you remember that you are infinite divinity, that you are your own Goddess and you have your own voice.”RENEE GOUST

Renee’s music has been featured on Tanya Saracho’s popular television series VIDA, which celebrates queer Chicana voices in East Los Angeles. Renee has been featured in publications around the world in media outlets such as Spain’s El Pais, Argentina’s La República and Mexico’s El Universal, as well as on broadcast shows such as NPR’s Latino USA and TV Azteca’s ADN40 in Mexico. Renee has taken the stage at events such as the Women’s March in New York, the LGBTTTI+ Pride March in Mexico City, and the Youth Leadership Camp organized by the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA).


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